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Matsuo Sangyo Co., Ltd. establishes the following basic policies for compliance as our basic behavioral policies as a member of society, recognizing the importance of social requests that have become increasingly diversified and complicated.

We specify normative behavior as our code of conduct. Our employees shall fully understand these basic policies and behave accordingly in their daily activities, keeping this business philosophy in mind.

[Basic Policies for Compliance]

  1. Fair trade practice
  2. Appropriate handling of information
  3. Respect of human life and human rights
  4. Exclusion of antisocial forces

[Code of Conduct for Compliance]

  1. We shall not conduct activities that may lead to unreasonably one-sided profits. We shall conduct our business under fair and free competition.
  2. We shall manage information appropriately according to our Privacy Policy. We shall also handle confidential information appropriately.
  3. We shall respect human life and human rights, avoiding behavior or activities that may harm them.
  4. We shall have no association whatsoever with antisocial forces, persons, or groups that threaten social order.