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Test Coater

Test machines for thin film coating, gravure printing, flexo printing and laminating. They can apply uniform film thicknesses that are necessary for R&D of nanotechnology, coating, etc., allowing you to perform appropriate tests with a small amount of materials. Effective experiments can be realized with a small amount of expensive materials.


  • K Control Coater
  • An automatic bar coater.
    Controlled pressure and speed ensure repeatable samples.
  • K Paint Applicator
  • An automatic applicator.

    The K Paint Applicator can produce coating samples with high accuracy and repeatability by using the gap
  • K Printing Proofer
  • The K Printing Proofer can produce high quality samples of gravure printing, flexo printing, gravure offset printing, etc.

  • K303 Multi Coater
  • The K303 Multi coater can produce samples of gravure printing, flexo printing, gravure offset printing, laminating and bar coating.

  • Flexiproof 100/UV
  • Flexo printing tests (water, solvent UV) can be performed under the same conditions as those of the product machine.

  • Test Coater/UV LED
  • An UV-LED panel can be attached to test coaters.
    UV irradiation can be performed immediately after formation of a uniform coating film.
    Irradiation of the UV-LED panel can be designed freely.


  • UV Curable Resin Sensor
  • This device allows you to conduct non-contact and real-time check of the curing state of UV resin.

  • Surface Modification Sensor
  • This device allows you to measure the surface modification state of plasma treatment, corona treatment, etc.

  • Bar Coater
  • The bar coater is a testing device to allow you obtain uniform film thicknesses with a small amount of coating materials that are applied to flexible materials or large areas. (Wet film thickness 4–150 μ)
  • K Hand Coater
  • A stainless steel wire is wound onto a stainless rod. The film thickness is controlled by the diameter of the wire.

  • K Lox Proofer
  • The finishing of flexo printing can be reproduced easily.
    The ink is transferred from an anilox roller via a rubber roller.

  • Esiproof
  • Proof printing of a high-viscosity UV flexo ink can be performed with high repeatability.
    You can select between steel and ceramic anilox rollers. The device has a doctor blade.

  • Select Roller
  • Occurrence of bar lines is reduced with grooves looser than those of the wire bar roller. It is compact (width 60mm-) and has high portability. You can handle it with one hand.

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Test Coater

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