Talc is an inorganic powder manufactured by crushing an ore called talc. This smooth material has white and gray colors and an especially fatty feel.
It was generally called "wax stone" and has long been used for slate pencils and in toys.
The major characteristics of talc are the lowest hardness of all inorganic minerals, excellent heat resistance, and good chemical stability.

By utilizing these properties, it is used as an ideal filler material for an extensive range of applications.  

Application Fields

Paper and Pulp Filler, pitch control agent, coating agent
Plastics For improving rigidity, heat resistance, dimensional stability during molding, as well as electrical insulation, for matting and, reducing combustion heat
Paints Body pigment, powder coating, drip prevention agent
Rubber For improving electrical insulation and heat resistance, reinforcing agent, remover
Pharmaceuticals Diluent for tablets
Cosmetics Foundation, body powder, eye shadow, lipstick
Ceramics Glaze and saggers for ceramics, for steatite porcelain
Agricultural Chemicals and Fertilizers Carrier for agricultural chemicals, fertilizer coagulation prevention agent

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