Specialties Manufacturer:borchers

Borcher’s Specialties line of additives contains essential products for coatings formulations.
These include, among others: moisture scavengers, adhesion promoters and nano-silica dispersions.


Borchers Additive Application Chemistry Description
Moisture Scavenger
Additive OF S Triethyl ortho formate 100% active moisture scavenger; improves storage stability of 1K and 2K PU systems.
Adhesion Promoter
Borchi® Gen HMP-F W/S Oil-free polyester resin 80% active in solvent mixture; improves adhesion to metal in reactive coatings.
Especially suitable for baked coatings (Can & Coil coatings).
Borchi® Gen HE S Oil-free polyester resin 60% active in xylene; improves adhesion and long term elasticity on metal substrates and adhesion of metallic pigments in paints.
Especially suitable for baked coatings.

W = waterborne, S = solventborne

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Important Notices

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  • -Depending on the product, our inventory status can change greatly even within the duration of a day. Wherever possible, please check our inventories at the time of placing an order.