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Select Roller

Select Roller

The Select-Roller is a Formed roller(Wireless roller)
-Hand coater is usable on a table.
-Uniform film thickness can be secured by coating by one hand.
-Wet film thickness can be adjusted from 1.5 μm according to selection of the bar.
-Coating is more uniform than that of wire bar coater.


Select Roller


In the fields of R&D and quality control that handle coating materials, generation of the target uniform film thickness is an essential and important theme.

As a simplified test coater for inks, coating materials, slurries, adhesives, varnishes, etc., the wire bar coater is well known. This product has been developed as a handy bar coater with improved operability and cleanability.


In the research and development phase of a liquid, production of coating samples is sometimes accompanied by difficulties with brush coating and glass rods.
With Select-Roller, you can easily make precise and stable coating samples to the micron level.

This integrated wireless roller is also adopted for production with width of 1 m or more, as a roller for coating application of optical films.  



Engraving No. Wire Bar No. (equivalent) OSG Specification Wet Film Thickness μm (Max)
 OSP-00  #0 Plain -
 OSP-1.5  #0.7 PO.08H4S 1.5
 OSP-02  #1 PO.08H5S 2
 OSP-03  #2 PO.1H9S 3
 OSP-04  #2.7 PO.1H10S 4
 OSP-05  #3 PO.1H12S 5
 OSP-06  #3.4 PO.1H15S 6
 OSP-07  #3.8 PO.1H17S 7
 OSP-08  #4 PO.1H18S 8
 OSP-09  #4.8 PO.1H20S 9
 OSP-10  #5 PO.2H21S 10
 OSP-12  #5.5 PO.2H24S 12
 OSP-13  #6 PO.2H28S 13
 OSP-15  #6.6 PO.2H34S 15
 OSP-17  #7 PO.2H42S 17
 OSP-18  #8 PO.25H35S 18
 OSP-22  #9 PO.363H49S 22
 OSP-25  #10 PO.25H50S 25
 OSP-30  #12 PO.363H63S 30
 OSP-35  #14 PO.4H75S 35
 OSP-42  #16 PO.4H84S 42
 OSP-47  #18 PO.5H95S 47
 OSP-52  #20 PO.5H113S 52
 OSP-80  #30 PO.8H167S 80
 OSP-100  #37 P1.0H198S 100
 OSP-120  #46 P1.2H252S 120
 OSP-150  #55 P1.5H300S 150



-The narrow width type (60 mm) allows you to develop coating materials and inks with a small amount of materials, in addition to color matching of gravure inks, etc.
-Uniform coating application allows a variety of validations concerning physical properties, electrical properties, optical characteristics, adhesion, weather resistance, color matching.
-Often used for application of inks, coating materials, slurries, adhesives, varnishes, etc.


The A-Bar is a formed roller (Wireless roller)
The A-Bar is a Formed roller (Wireless roller)
  • -Hand coater is usable on a table.
  • -Uniform film thickness can be secured by coating with both hands.
  • -Wet film thickness can be adjusted from 1.5 μm according to  selection of the bar.

*Engraving No. of the A-Bar is same as that of the Select-Roller
 Engraving No = wet film thickness μm.

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Select Roller
Select Roller

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