Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers Manufacturer:borchers

Borcher's line of rheological additives are products designed for architectural as well as industrial coatings.
Many of these products have been developed to meet regulations for more environmentally friendly coatings.


Borchers Additive Application Properties Description
Polyurethane (PU) Based Associative Thickeners
Borchi® Gel 0620 W Low shear / very strongly pseudoplastic 40% PU; 40% solids in water/butyl glycol; APEO Free; emulsifier free; tin free.
Minimizes sagging and settling.
Good rheology modifier for spray applications.
For brush and roll applications, use in combination with Borchi Gel 0434, 0435 or 1430.
Borchi® Gel L 75 N W/S Medium shear / pseudoplastic 25% PU; 50% solids; VOC Free; APEO Free, organo tin free.
Compatible in a broad range of applications including PUDs.
Promotes pigment wetting and pigment stabilization.
Borchi® Gel 0626 W Medium shear / pseudoplastic 25% PU; 37% solids; VOC Free; APEO Free, tin free.
Promotes both low and high shear rheology.
Borchi® Gel 0434 W High shear / newtonian 20% PU; 20% solids; VOC Free; APEO Free; tin free.
ICI adjuster and improves anti-sag in architectural, general industrial and wood coatings.
Non-Associative Thickeners
Borchi® Gel A LA W Low shear / strongly pseudoplastic 10% anionic acrylate polymer in water; APEO Free, tin free.
Thickens at pH > 8; works well with PUDs.

W = waterborne, S = solventborne

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