Hologram Glitter


Hologram Glitter

For the DAIYA hologram, a plate mold is made from the master hologram etched by laser and pressed on a film with high transparency.
Hologram glitters have countless invisible embossed fine grooves. They comprise flake powder made by punching a foil that glitters in iridescence with a prism effect and has a metallic feel.

They expand beautiful possibilities to produce dramatic effects that are suitable to the high-tech era to new fields.  


Luster Glitters beautifully in iridescence with a prism effect and has a distinct brightness that is unique to metal deposition.
Hiding Power Has no hiding power. However, colors vary when it is viewed from different angles with glitter in three dimensions. With use of a small amount, great innovative design effects can be produced.
Compatibility Has high compatibility with kneading into PVC sheeting, cast molding of   polyester, acrylic, epoxy resin, etc., general spray coating and water paints, and   can be applied to spray coating, textile printing, screen printing, and a wide  range of other fields.
Chemical Resistance Has resistance to corrosive air and retains bright sparkling colors and  luster
Solvent Resistance Resistant to toluene, xylene, methanol, acetone, MEK, ethyl acetate, perchloroethylene, trichlen, and most other solvents.
Heat Resistance  As powder, luster does not change in a test for 30 minutes at a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.

*The above is reference data.

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