Flocculant for Wastewater



ECO MAX is an environmentally friendly and safe inorganic system flocculant that is composed mostly of natural minerals.
Since it is neutral and not easily affected by PH, it can be applied widely and wastewater can be flocculated only with ECO MAX. You only need to put ECO MAX directly into contaminated water and stir, which leads to simplification of the plant design and significant reduction in equipment investment. Compared with conventional products, ECO MAX is inexpensive and helps to reduce the running costs. It is available as both powder types and liquid types that form an abundant lineup to produce the best effects according to the various applications for inorganic and organic wastewater.
Product development and production control are carried out in consideration of safety.

Generally, the surface of fine particles of contamination is negatively charged. The particles repel each other and never precipitate. By adding a material (flocculant) with positive charges to the contaminated water, “the charges are neutralized” and the particles stick to each other with binding effect to form solid bodies (blocks) and are precipitated. In addition, odor is absorbed by the natural porous minerals used, producing a deodorization effect.  


The contaminated soil particles that are negatively charged are neutralized by positive charges of ECO MAX. They flocculate after losing their surface potentials.
With coagulative separation of the contaminated soil particles that have become large flocks and subsequent hydrophobization of separated contaminated water, sludge is formed that is easy to be dehydrated and does not liquate out again.
The flocculated contaminated soil particles are bonded together to form a large flock that precipitates immediately.

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