Bronze Powder

Bronze Powder

Bronze Powder

Copper and zinc are used as basic materials for manufacturing bronze powders. Shade variation is achieved through forming different compositions of copper and zinc.
Color #5 Pale Gold…..Copper 90%: Zinc 10%
Color #6…Medium shade between pale gold and rich gold
Color #7 Rich Gold…..Copper 75%: Zinc 25%
Bronze powders are manufactured by stamping bronze alloys gradually into flakes through the impact of stampers in the stamping mill, as shown in the photograph. Stamped flakes are classified through the sieving process and are then treated in the polishing process.


Products categories

【Standard Bronze Powder】

These bronze powders have leafing property with excellent metallic brilliance and are popularly used for printing ink and paint.

【Corrosion Resistant Bronze Powders (R-Type)】

The heat resistance of these bronze powders is the same as for standard bronze powders, but are superior in corrosion resistance.
They are applicable to fusuma paper, wall paper, textile printing and other applications where prevention of tarnishing after printing or coating, and against gelling of the vehicles are required.

【Heat Resistant/ Corrosion Resistant Bronze Powders (HRS-Type)】

These bronze powders are greatly superior to standard bronze powders in resistance to corrosion, heat, weather, chemicals and solvents.
These powders are applicable to synthetic resin coloration, wall paper, wall material, textile printing, leather-cloth printing and baking paints where protection from tarnishing is required.

【Bronze Powders for Gold Printing Ink】

These bronze powders are extremely super-fine powders made for offset printing with excellent brilliance for use in gold printing ink. Bronze pastes are applicable to water paints, textile printing binder, oil paint and gold printing ink.

【Pastes for Water Paints (PH-Type)】

These pastes are surface treated by chemicals that are easily dispersible in water. These pastes are for water paints but are most suitable for gold textile printing.

【Pastes for Oil Paints (O-Type)】

These pastes are treated on the surface by mineral spirits. They have excellent dispersibility in oil paints and prevent scatter of powder.

【Pastes for Gold Printing Ink (SBR-Type)】

These pastes are developed particularly for gold printing ink and are surface treated by a special chemical. These pastes exhibit superior brilliance and maintain storage stability.


Class Grade Apparent Density
Water-Covering Power
Particle Diameter(μm) Thickness(μm)
Pale Gold Rich Pale
Rich Gold Max. Average Min. Average
G G5 G6 G7 1.1~1.5 min1350 110 40 20 0.90
E E5 E6 E7 1.1~1.5 min1500 100 35 15 0.80
L L5 L6 L7 1.0~1.4 min1700 90 30 15 0.70
2L 2L5 2L6 2L7 1.0~1.4 min2100 70 25 10 0.50
3L 3L5 3L6 3L7 1.0~1.4 min3000 60 20 5 0.40
4L 4L5 4L6 4L7 1.0~1.4 min3500 50 15 5 0.35
No.10 No.50 No.60 No.70 -   40 10 2 0.25
No.100 No.500 No.600 No.700 -   25 7 2 0.20
No.1000 No.5000 No.6000 No.7000 -   15 5 1 0.18
No.1110 No.5550 No.6660 No.7770 -   10 3 1 0.15

Screen(μm-%) Applications
+106 +75 +63 +45 -45
2~5 5~15 10~20 min
Coarse and medium-coarse powders. Suitable for applications requiring high brilliance. Applicable to pigments for dry dusting work, gravure printing, painting, textile printing and synthetic resin coloration.
- Max
10~20 min
- Max
- tr Max
Fine powders. Suitable for applications requiring smooth luster and excellent brilliance. Applicable to pigments for gravure printing, flexographic printing, painting and synthetic resin coloration.
- - tr Max
- - 0 tr 100 Very fine powders. Suitable for applications requiring brilliance and printability. Applicable to pigments for high-speed gravure printing ink.
- - - 0 100
- - - 0 100
- - - 0 100 Super fine powders. Applicable to pigments for offset printing ink.
- - - 0 100

Important Notices

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  • -Depending on the product, our inventory status can change greatly even within the duration of a day. Wherever possible, please check our inventories at the time of placing an order.