Environmental activities


Basic philosophy

MATSUO SANGYO Co., Ltd recognizes the importance of conservation of the Earth’s environment, promotes improvements in and conservation of the environment during the distribution of products (including raw materials for coatings, optical components and automobile parts, as well as services in the chemical, electronic, electrical and automotive industries) and works toward the realization of an environmentally-conscious society.

Environmental policy

1. We promote savings in energy and resources in order to contribute to the prevention of global warming.

2. We promote the use of Green products in order to contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society.

3. We make efforts to distribute environmentally friendly products.

4. We make efforts to continuously improve our environmental management system and to prevent contamination.

5. We comply with all applicable laws related to the environmental aspects of our business, as well as with other requirements with which we agree.

6. We set and strive to achieve environmental objectives and targets, and review them as necessary.

7. We inform all of our employees, and any others working for our company, about our policies in order to improve their environmental consciousness and to educate them concerning our management system.

8. We publicize our environmental policy.

ISOの activities

MATSUO is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 registered company.

Scope of business

1. Wholesaling of luster pigments
2. Wholesaling of optical fibers
3. Wholesaling of optical components (e.g. lenses, mirrors)
4. Wholesaling of automobile parts
5. Wholesaling of print testers
6. Wholesaling of optical fiber coatings (UV curing coating materials)
7. Wholesaling of Alsolar (aluminum material for electrodes)

Locations within scope of registration

1. Headquarters office
2. Tokyo branch
3. Nagoya branch
4. Ohta branch
5.Shinjyo Office